Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

So our dogs are our children.  There's no doubt about that and I treat them as such.  Albeit, it's borderline creepy and almost in need of an intervention, but I'm not dressing them in baby bonnets or pushing them in strollers (yet).  I wanted to do something special for Easter, and realized that I could TOTALLY do an Easter Egg Hunt for them.  I bought some plastic eggs at Wal-Mart with the little holes at the top and bottom.  If you have plastic eggs but they don't have holes, you could use a push pin to make some.  I filled them with some food nuggets (since Griswold's treat intake is restricted).  Anything that's fragrant would be good to fill them.  I pondered putting in little toys, but those I wouldn't be able to hide.  I'd have to put them in the open.  I wanted to have a brain-stimulating activity, so I stuck to the food.  Griswold kicks ass at anything that involves finding food (he once got in a zipped duffle bag shoved under a futon - I'll tell you that story some time).  Coop's pretty apathetic unless we break treats out in the open.  I hid a few eggs while they were in another room.  When they came out, I shooed them in the appropriate direction.  From there, Griswold was able to pick up the scent wafting from the egg.  Coop, I had to guide a little more.  Both were able to pop the egg open to reveal the goodies.  You can see Griswold hunting in the video below.

Fun, right?  If you decide to do this with your dogs, make sure you monitor them so they don't crack the plastic egg or try to eat it!  Now to teach Gris and Coop how to put the old eggs in a basket...  Happy hunting!  Follow us on Vine @Grisandcoop.

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