Thursday, March 28, 2013

Felted Easter Egg Toys

I think felted dog toys are so nice.  I just have a thing for cozy wool products.  We've gotten a few through our BarkBox subscription.  Our dogs rip EVERYTHING up, so it's pointless for us to get them stuffed animals, but they still get the sensation with felt toys.  Because of all the tight, interlocking fibers, it's more difficult to chew up.  The cool thing about felting is that I've picked up pieces, thrown them in a nylon, tied it up, and tossed it in the washer and the toy magically felted back together (hot water, high agitation).  Definitely not in the original state, but not all over my living room either.  I decided to try felting some Easter eggs for the dogs, as I thought wool and Easter are pretty appropriate mates.

I've never attempted felting before, but I had seen on television (at some point -- probably from Martha Stewart) that you just take the roving, hot water (well, as hot as you can stand), dish soap, and your hands.  Okay...  I went to Michael's and purchased the roving.  I had some from Hobby Lobby too, and I think it was around $2 per package (slightly more at Michael's).  

I got together a little tupperware container of hot water, a squirt of dish soap, and pulled apart the roving after I took it out of the package.  Now, it is quite (likely) possible that I did this wrong, but holy hell...  It took FOREVER.  Not really, but it took me about a half hour for one egg.  I started out with a little bit of roving and kept layering it, smushing it together like a hamburger patty, dipping it in the soap mixture.  Probably if I had used a base form, it wouldn't have taken so long.  I wanted my egg to be pure felt, hence, it took a lot of layers, smushing, and building.  I finally ended up with this:
I got a pretty nice egg shape because I took a plastic egg and smushed the felt into it.  I made sure it was rinsed clean, free of soap.  I let it dry overnight, added some lines (with a needle felter) then threw it in the dryer on high heat.

And here's Griswold ripping it up.  I didn't wait until Easter to give it to them.

Both he and Coop have enjoyed playing with it.  Although, I definitely won't be trying that needle felted-method again any time soon.  Ouch!  How do people do that?!

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