Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is Spring Here?!

Today was a tease of what we'll eventually get in a month or so, but we had some beautiful weather today (it was about 60).  So we took full advantage.  Warm weather = opportunity for an outdoor photoshoot!  Gris and I got together our cameras.  It wasn't a super-long session because the dogs wanted to explore and smell no less than 983725482738197438 things (and then pee on said things).
Mmmm.  Essence de Grass.

Where are all the geese for me to chase?

Griswold snapped this one of me.
Now, not that we had a super-cold winter or anything, but I am so ready for lighter coats and not groaning every time I'm running late for work and have to scrape my windshield.  I'm also pretty selfish when it comes to winter weather and taking the dogs outside.  Coop hates the cold (and equally hates putting on a coat), but Griswold is definitely an explorer.  Warmer days equate to more time outside for them.  Let's hope Punxsutawney Phil was right about this "early spring" business...

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