Sunday, April 14, 2013

Enjoying the Sunshine

smelling the dandelions

I love opening the windows to let the crisp air in and stale air out.  This also means the boys and their supersonic doggie ears hear everything going on outside and find it necessary to alert everyone that someone is outside.  Or a bird is chirping.  Or wind is blowing.  So I inevitably have to close the windows because I realize how annoying a barking dog can be.  I've contemplated buying one of those barking deterrents, just because we do live in an apartment complex which can equate to a lot of unhappy neighbors.  So yeah, barking is obviously a form of communication and expecting dogs not to do it would be like expecting me to walk out of Target with stuff I actually intended to buy.  Quite honestly,  there's something comforting about my dogs barking.  Sure, it works my nerves after .2 seconds, but I guess they are pretty good watchdogs. I remember how quiet both of them were when they were puppies.  When Griswold barked for the first time, we were like "Aww!  How cute!"  Then Coop came and for awhile he didn't bark at anything except the vacuum.  Coop didn't (still doesn't) bark, he screamed.  Seriously.  It's the highest pitched howl I've ever heard.  I would love to know what he's communicating when he does it.  I'm sure it contains expletives, because that's certainly what we holler at him when he does it.  And at that point he probably thinks that we're joining in and all being a-holes.  Which is true.  My dogs certainly don't have a problem with chronic barking, so for that I'm thankful.  I found this entertaining list from Cesar Millan about what your dog's bark may be telling you and how to control your dog's barking from the Humane Society.  So while I'm waiting for this bowlingual technology to get its shit together, I'll just take comfort in the fact that my dogs are actually doing a great job as a free, home security alarm.  What about you?  How do you guys handle when your dog barks?

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