Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us -- the April Fools

Today marks our one year-of-officially-wedded-bliss anniversary.  The great thing about getting married on a holiday is that no one will ever forget.  We got about five texts from friends and family before we decided that we should probably wish each other a "Happy Anniversary."  I'm still tickled with myself that we got married on April Fool's day.  I find it to be a perfect reflection of the relationship we have.  To celebrate (awesome that I had off for Easter weekend), we took the dogs to Assateague Island - where we got married - since they couldn't join us for our ceremony.  Wawa provided us with a lovely picnic lunch. And of course, Griswold was our hired photographer for the occasion.

Didn't he do a great job?!  My favorite is the last one.  Totally gallery-worthy.  We didn't play any pranks on each other because there's enough of that done on a daily basis.  However, have you guys seen Google Nose?  No doubt this is something that Griswold and Coop would seriously enjoy.  I laugh, but someday, this may actually be a thing...

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