Monday, May 6, 2013

Petiquette at Bark in the Park

I really wanted to go to Bark in the Park at the Shorebirds stadium, just to get the dogs out and socialized.  They're so territorial when we're at home.  Griswold never used to be like that until we got Coop.  And Coop is just neurotic.  So I put some yellow yarn on Coop's leash (not sure how many people know about that, but they should) and brought his muzzle along just in case.  They actually surprised me.  The only incident we had was that Gris almost bit off my face trying to get a french fry out of my mouth.  I guess it was too much for him.  I'm fully aware that my dogs can be jerks, and I'm not so not one of those owners that dismisses it.  I know the shame that parents feel when their kid is acting a fool.  I don't judge. I was definitely a little anxious about going, but knew that the only way they're going to be better in crowds is to just do it.

I think what surprised me most is that people just walked their dog(s) right up to mine to say "hello."  I know most people don't think about this, and I know it was with good intentions, but I always ask before approaching.  Perhaps because I have an aggressive, rescued dog I'm more conscious about it.  We were at a pet shop in Rehoboth Beach once and Griswold got bit. I hadn't even realized he was sniffing another dog.  He was bleeding, but it wasn't a huge deal.  The owner was extremely apologetic and removed her dog from the store.  What can you do?  It happens.  Little kids get pushed.  It's part of life, but you still want to be proactive about what you can.

Also, while we're on the subject.  Parents.  Please teach your children how to approach dogs.  Not every dog wants to be pet just like not every human wants to engage in conversation.  Please respect this.  Griswold could have his face smushed all day long and wouldn't react.  If you come within a foot of Coop, he's growling.  It's for a reason.  Do I like it?  No, but I understand.  He's a little dude.  Even kids look intimidating to him.  So children, if I say "don't pet this one" don't get pissy with me and complain to your parents that I'm a jerk.  It's for your own safety.  I'm not going to have my dog put down because of other people being inconsiderate.  Really.  I'm not trying to be arrogant, I just wish that people thought about stuff like this.  And can I just say, "THANK YOU" and "I LOVE YOUR FACE" to Lili Chin for creating these.  Check out her website for more awesome infographics!  She also does gorgeous portraits of dogs.  Once I save up enough money, I'm definitely going to have her do one of the boys.

The Yellow Dog Project

Back to Bark in the Park.  My sister agreed to go and  help me out with Coop (posted a cute picture of them on Instagram). Look at all the doggies in the stands :)  Purdue Stadium is really nice.  Great place to take your kids instead of going to the movies.

Now for the good stuff.  Griswold's pictures!

I think they definitely liked going to the game.  Or the place with the french fries as they would probably call it.  It was really nice to see people there with their furkids.  They had several vendors too.  I can't remember all of them, but there was Pet Threadz and For Your Spot.  It's an awesome thing that people realize dogs are part of one's family nowadays.  They have Dog Days at the Iron Pigs stadium, but unfortunately, the next one isn't until August and it's a weekday.  Poop.  Anyone know of any other events on the east coast?  We may just have to invent some :)

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