Friday, June 21, 2013

It's a Sunshine Day

Today is take your dog to work day, and then dog party day (after you work like a dog, I suppose).  Since I actually don't  have to work today, I figured the boys and I would start our day out with how I would love to start every day if I could.  We started at the city park.
After we left the park, PetSmart just happened to be on the way home.  So we stopped.  I was a little nervous to stop with Coop, but he's only going to get better around people if I actually put him in a situation with people.  Just had one temper-tantrum "screaming" encounter.

I bought them antler chews.  When we got home, Coop didn't seem so interested.  So Griswold took both of them to his spot.

Griswold's impression of an elephant.
Griswold and I will be attending National Dog Party Day in Dewey Beach tonight with his cousin Jamie to benefit Faithful Friends.  Coop is going to sit this one out.  If you are going, make sure you come say "hi" and look for pictures to be posted tomorrow!

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Happy Summer!

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