Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy Day Arts and Farts and Crafts

I'm pretty sure it's been raining for a month straight.  Today at work they made an announcement that people could go home early because there was a "tornado watch."  What?  People on the Eastern Shore tend to overreact with weather conditions, but nonetheless, it was a crummy, soggy day.  I have all of these crafty ideas schemed in my head, but unfortunately, they call for me to ventilate (i.e. - it's going to be really messy and I don't want to lose our security deposit).  Harumph.  So I broke out some yarn and the next thing I know...  BAM!
"Starving-For-Treats Artist"
Griswold's in a beret.  I come from a very artistic family.  Whether it's studio art (my brother), writing (my sister), conning (my other brother), wordsmith (my dad) or all around badass (my mom), I'm surrounded by pretty incredible talent.  My furkids are no exception to this.  I busted into my craft stash (horde pile) and pulled out some acrylics.  I had a couple small canvases in there too.  Scotch tape.  Some cut apart plastic food bags (gallon twist tie bags).  Supplies collected.

I squirted out globs of paint just haphazardly onto each canvas.  I placed the plastic bag as best I could over the canvas and taped each edge down.  I had anticipated throwing toys over each canvas to get the boys to "paint," but it turns out, they were naturals.

Once they went all mixmaster on the plastic, I nudged them away, carefully lifted off the plastic, discarded, and marveled at their masterpieces.  Working like dogs!

Coop's on the left, Griswold's on the right

As a finishing touch, I added their little pawprint stamps to each (you can see on the last shot in the video).  Of course.

And, I know you are all just DYING for the beret pattern, so here it is :)


Small amount of black worsted weight yarn
Size H Crochet Hook
Large Eye Blunt Needle to weave in any ends
Your dog's head for size confirmation (This pattern will fit a small dog)
Optional - Stitch marker  (This works up fast, so I just count)

Instructions are in U.S. crochet terminology.
ch - Chain
sc - Single crochet
sc2tog - Single crochet 2 together, decrease
sl - Slipstitch
fo - Fasten off

This is worked in rounds.

Rnd 1 - Magic ring with 9 sc.  Make sure you leave about 5 inches at the end because we are going to make the little loop at the top at the end.
Rnd 2 -  2 sc in each stitch  (18 sc)
Rnd 3 - *sc in next two stitches, 2 sc in next stitch* Repeat until you have 24 stitches
Rnd 4 - sc in each stitch (24 sc)
Rnd 5 - *sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next* Repeat until you have 36 sc.
Rnd 6 - sc in each stitch (36 sc)
Rnd 7 - *2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 3 stitches*  Repeat until you have 45 sc.
Rnd 8 - 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 16 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 16 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 10 stitches (48 sc)
Rnd 9 - sc2tog 12 stitches.  ch 25.  In second ch from hook, sc.  Sc until you reach the hat, then continue your sc2tog in the remaining 12 stitches.  Repeat ch 25, sc in second ch from hook and each stitch back to hat.  sl. fo.  Weave in ends.

Thread your needle with the end from the magic loop.  Push through the center out the middle of the hat.  Bring it back down so you have a little loop like in the picture.  Make a knot and weave in ends.  Now go drink an americano (black, of course) or 5 double-shots of espresso with a cup of sugar (Coop's choice).  Here's hoping for some sunshine soon!

Yes.  Sunshine please.  For the love of dog.


  1. All around badass? Whaaa? This is awesome! Love the pictures!!

  2. Don't get cocky now Grandma ;)


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