Saturday, June 22, 2013

Work like a Dog, Party like a Dog

My sister and I headed out to Dewey Beach yesterday evening to celebrate National Dog Party Day.  Well...  We were so fashionably late that we missed it!!  I guess I misunderstood the times.  Oh well.  It was still a beautiful day at the beach, and we got to see some doggies.  Gris, naturally, took some beautiful sunset photos (that I was almost unable to recover!  Took me all afternoon, but thank goodness for data recovery software.  My heartbeat has returned to normal).  The photos that I took...  Most of them turned out blurry... naturally.

I would never trust Griswold without a leash.  Although.  I would only have to look so far as to where food was.

Can you believe this handsome dood spent 3 years in a shelter?!

This is what happened when I tried calling Griswold to take a picture.  He skunked me.  He is a little stinker.

The party benefit Faithful Friends, and we did get a really sweet goodie bag out of it.  Griswold was trying to get into it all night!

Griswold has an extremely artistic eye.  I always have a new favorite every time he takes pictures.  Check out his captures of the evening.

And thank you Dewey Beach for not giving me a ticket because I'm pretty sure I parked where I wasn't supposed to.  The parties will keep on coming since we're getting ready to celebrate my brother's birthday on the 27th and Griswold's birthday on the 29th!  Those are two party animals that know how to do it right.

RIP Spuds.  Photo via LobaBlanca


  1. Hello Jamie - what! Party on guys

  2. These pictures are beautiful. And Gris takes some great shots!!

  3. Jamie sure loves his mama!


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