Monday, August 5, 2013

Beachin it Up

We were so so lucky this past week because the hubs got leave before he deploys.  We got to spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with him.  The boys were definitely excited about that.  I would've taken video, but it was too dark out when he arrived at 2:00 am on Thursday morning, and he had a very specific way of how he wanted to greet them outside.  Thursday was supposed to be a beach day, but it poured.  Like, right in the middle of us riding go-karts after one lap it started raining buckets and they chased us off the track.  But Friday it was gawjus and we had an awesome beach day.  Even though we live within a half hour of several beaches, we rarely go.  It could be because I end up packing so much crap that it's too much of a chore.  I do love the beach though.  I could lay out like a mummy all day.  You would never guess from the lovely translucent complexion I have.

We took the boys with us (we went to Delaware Seashore State Park, past Dewey) since we all wanted to get in as much "family time" as possible.  I bought this huge cart thing at Sam's Club that was VERY expensive, but equally probably one of the best investments I ever made.  It actually held all of our stuff.  And by stuff, I mean it looked like we were moving onto the beach.  So what's in the boys' beach bag?

I actually made one because I wasn't sure if they sold one big enough for what I needed.  For the record, I could probably put Gris and Coop in that bag and still have room.  I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby if you're wondering (40% off coupons.  Holla). 

Coop laying on the fabric as I'm trying to make-up a pattern.

5. Doggles (Griswold wears a small)
6. Poop Bags (duh)
10. Where are the treats?!  You forgot the most important thing!

Oh, and don't think that I totally wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't discontinued.  Such a sucker...

The roll-up mat I made also.  If you're interested in a pattern/tutorial for the mat or bag, I would be happy to post one.  Just email or leave a comment below.

This list is obviously for spoiled rotten doggies whose mom likes to spend all of her money on them.  If I were to condense this list to necessities I would say definitely any kind of dog sunscreen, water bottle, towel, and poop bags.  Also an umbrella if you don't have a tent.  That tent is pretty badass though.  It's a pop-up and takes about a minute to assemble and disassemble.  It's great and very light.  The UV-cover was extra.

And not to disregard Griswold's comment about the snacks.  My favorite snack on the beach is fruit.  The dogs get cantaloupe, watermelon, and sliced apples (without the skin) for a refreshing treat.  If your dog is like Coop and drops his food while he chews, put it on a bowl or on a towel so it doesn't get covered in sand.  And if your dog is truly like Coop, he will disregard the bowl and towel and still drop it in the sand and eat it anyway.  Carrots and green beans would be good too.  Griswold doesn't get carrots because they give him the poops, but he won't remind you about that. That would not be good on the beach.  But anything that is safe for dogs that has a lot of water is a good choice for a hot day.  

Make sure that you're cognizant of the sand temperature too.  If it's hot on your tootsies, it's hot on your dog's.  If your dog is extra sensitive, you could always purchase some baby socks until you get your beach area set up for them to lay down.  Not sure how psyched your dog would be about that.  I've seen that Healers PetCare makes these Urban Walkers dog booties too.

Gris and Coop aren't huge fans of the water.  They like to lay out like their momma.  I totally forgot to bring Griswold's favorite toy because it's supposed to float.  I've seen people use the Kong Wubbas in the water with their awesome retrievers.  My dogs would most likely stare at me and then watch me fetch it.

That was our fun day at the beach.  I really do need to get in some more beach time before the season's over.  Luckily, beach days can typically last until October here.  I also want to get the boys on a boat.  I think Griswold would really like it.  They like going on car rides, so I don't think they would get motion sickness.

Have you ever taken your dog on a boat?  Also, I was looking into a tether for their leashes on the beach, but I wasn't sure what to go with.  Any suggestions?  How do you guys spend a day at the beach with your fur babies?


  1. You sure are one PREPARED doggy Mama! You thought to bring EVERYTHING and your suggestions were great! What a great day at the beach you had!
    We live in Michigan outside of Detroit, so no beaches around here. Would love to take Dakota one day.
    I know a lot of bloggers who have taken their dogs to the beach and have gone on boats and they have all had such a good time!
    Barks and licks and love,

    1. We did have a great time! My favorite beach to go to is actually Assateague Island. They have wild horses there. Surprisingly, the boys aren't very interested in them (probably because they know their place, thankfully so). We bet you have some great snowball fights and sledding Dakota! You could definitely teach us a thing or two about staying warm outside! We are weenies!

  2. Aw they are so cute! My dog has never been to the beach. We're several hours away from the Texas coast here. We do have a lakehouse that's about an hour away, but like you I never really go. It is a chore packing up stuff... It's funny though, I would compare this to how I would pack with my first child lol. With my second daughter, I just through a couple of diapers and wipes in a bag and go! OK, maybe a few more things but still... My dog has been on a boat and was not good... I thought she was going to jump out! But our sheltie was always good in the boat.

    1. I'm a redunkulous packer. I've gotten better about packing for myself (now I only bring one extra outfit instead of like, 5), but for the dogs it's cuckoo nuts. However, there have been several instances where people have been thankful for my over preparedness, so I guess it has its place! And that's the one thing that I'm nervous about Griswold doing on a boat! I'm afraid that he'll see a fish or seagull or something and dive after it even though he's not a huge fan of water. Coop I'm pretty sure will just lay there and give me disdainful looks.


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