Sunday, August 18, 2013

PA Getaway

Man.  I haven't posted in forever and a day.  I am so far behind with all things Internets and I'm going through withdrawal!  I'm officially back to work now which always keeps me sufficiently preoccupied.  I need to work on budgeting my time a little bit better.  Once everything gets rolling I'm hoping to get on a more regular schedule.  I had intended for this post to go up like, last Tuesday.  Yeesh.

Anyways.  Enough of my procrastination.  We had a quick and lovely getaway at my mom's last weekend.  I got my funnel cake on Saturday and the boys probably licked traces of powdered sugar off my hands. Of course I brought them back something. Thank goodness that Whisker Biscuits saved the day with their presence at Musikfest!  And it just so happens that they make human-grade treats -- even beer flavored ones!  Score for Gris and Coop.  

Our friends just got a new puppy, so of course I was so anxious to see her.  It just so happens that our friends live in Hershey.  Which just so happens to be close to Lancaster.  Which just so happens to have opened a certain dream dog park within the last week.  We. were. so. there.

All we had to do once we got into Lancaster was look for the parade of dogs making their way (if you're wondering, the name of the park that it's in is Buchanan Park).  It was pret-tay packed.  Expectedly so.  What I was almost more mesmerized with were the houses in the surrounding area.  Holy dream neighborhood.  Totally gorge.  I should've taken pictures of those, but that would've been borderline peeper creepy. It was creepy enough that I was taking photos of other people's dogs at the dog park.  This is a super image-heavy post, so I hope you're ready for your computer monitor to burst into little hearts from all the cuteness that's about to ensue.

The walk up.  I'm probably more excited than they are.
The big dog park.  The roller coaster bridge is to the right. Behind the water feature and slightly to the right is the tree of dreams.  I'm not sure what that white thing is in front, but I'm pretty sure my dogs would've been just as psyched to play with that.
How pretty is that wood?!
When I have a house, I am so making this... Somehow... The entrance to the little dog park and big dog park with a little foyer in case any dogs try to break free.  How cute is that little dog posing for me?
When you first walk in, there is a tennis ball hill to your left.  I tried to get the dogs to climb on it, but they weren't having it.  This is the little doxie tunnel and shaded seating area.
Most importantly, I'd like to introduce to you the beautiful little Lola.  Now part of the crazy dog people family.
She's a little smaller than Coop now, but in about a week she will dominate him!
This was Griswold's favorite part -- the splashpad!
Cooling off.  Ahhhh.  Refreshing.

Poor Gizmo, Lola's older brother, was a little overwhelmed...  or perhaps underwhelmed... with the whole experience.
Lola was loving it though.

OMG. I loved this little dog.
This beautiful little girl said "hi" to Gris and Coop, which they were loving, but when her owner came by, Coop did not mind his manners.  I apologized, but I felt like a bad mom that couldn't control my kid.
Not only did they have a spigot for filling bowls, but you can see the little doggie water fountain in the back.
I'm dying over that fluffy butt.
Coming to say "hi" to Coop.
Coop was loving it!  That tongue is outta control!

All the tongues are out!
Aaaaaand pooped.
All the dogs passed out right away in the car.  It was a really great time.  I felt like I was in heaven!  I sat on that Astro-Turf (probably in pee, whatever.  It was really soft) and just basked in all of these dogs coming up to me!  I was in my element.  If you follow us on Vine, you would've seen this.

None of us took our dogs off the leash though.  Here are my reasons for it -- there were way too many people and dogs.  It was a little overwhelming for me, so I can't imagine what it was like for them.  Not only were there people and dogs, there were a lot of little kids.  Since Gris and Coop aren't around children, I can't predict what they might do.  Coop typically barks at kids because I think he's been poked and prodded one too many times.  Coop and Gris love other dogs, but Coop is not keen on people.  Then when Coop gets barking, Griswold has to chime in because he thinks Coop needs his help or something.  Not that Griswold would do anything.  He's a weenie.  I felt so bad when Coop started barking not at the dog, but at her owner.  I know he didn't realize that, but I wasn't going to explain to him that "he's a rescue.  He doesn't trust people.  He won't hurt your dog." blah blah blah.  I just apologized and calmed Coop down.  He was fine then.  I always get nervous when little kids approach though.  My eyes are always on Coop when we're in public because, man, little kids move fast (which is why I genuinely think Coop freaks)!  I feel bad when I have to tell them they can't pet him, but obviously it's for their benefit!

Even though we don't live in Lancaster and won't access this park on a regular basis, thank you to Angela, Beau, and Beneful for this beautiful park.  You have made a lot of doggies and owners very happy.  I don't want to be a Debbie-Downer, but I hope people will respect what a luxury this is and take care of it.  I've already seen some posts on Facebook that people aren't picking up after their dogs and children are playing in the splashpad unattended.  Proactive people.  There is no need for any tragedy.

Like what you see (uhm, duh)?  Beneful is offering up another dream dog park!  Enter until September 17th and we might be road trippin it to your neck of the woods!

I'm a little bummed that I didn't bring Griswold's camera, but better I didn't because that would've been sensory overload.  There will definitely be a next time, so I will surely bring it then.

I did mention that I was going to do a "Going to Grandma's" post with what I pack, but frankly, it's just not as exciting as puppies coming up to you and trees of dreams, but here it is.  

1.  Dexas popware 1/2 C food scoop with bag clip (love this portion control) and drawstring food bag
2.  Lint brush (absolutely necessary)
8.  Travel Sprays of various Wondercide Flea and Tick products
9.  Poop Bags (duh)
10.  Orapup tongue brush and paste
11.  Popup Towel -- paper towel/wipes
13.  Dexas popware bowls -- small

My mom's house is dog friendly, so I didn't have to bring absolutely everything that the dogs own, thankfully.  When I stay somewhere with the dogs, I like to try and leave as little of a trail as possible.  Dog hair is inevitable, but I don't want to leave behind any drool or other "remnants" which is why I pack some cleaning products.  Speaking of which.  I really need to vacuum my car.  P.S. -- Check out Jessica's awesome post over at You Did What With Your Wiener for her "What Adventurous Dog Parents Pack for a Road Trip."  She has great suggestions for a longer visit at locations that aren't going to have doggie things at your fingertips but won't have you rushing to the store.  It makes me glad that our dogs are pad trained as well as housebroken.  It's worth it!  P.P.S. I love her face for using a diaper bag.

I am excited to catch up with everyone's blog posts from the past week.  It's like Christmas morn' waiting for me on bloglovin'.  Have a great week!

Also, do any of you have/had a more aggressive dog?  Our vet recommended taking Coop to U of PA for behavior mod training, but in my mind that equates to crazy amounts of time/money, neither of which I have at this moment (I'm a single mom until May...  Gotta make that paper).  Any baby step suggestions?  He's fine with people once he's around them, but initially is so scared that he reacts in an aggressive manner -- specifically when we are outside our apartment.  Any anecdotes would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. Wow! That's a dog park? Holy dog! Is that grass real? I don't think I've ever seen more perfect grass in my life lol. My dog has similar issues around strangers, mostly in her own territory though. If she's in a place and a person comes in, she will bark at them. If we were to walk into the place and the person was already there, she may not have so much of an issue. I am sucky at the behavior type stuff myself, and no good tips come to mind. I feel you on the expenses of the behaviorist, but it's definitely a good idea if you ever can afford it.

    1. Isn't it gorgeous?! It's Astro-Turf but it is so soft. Not scratchy at all, and how ideal for a dog park?! No mud, and just hose it down!

      And thanks for sharing your experience with strangers. Coop is overall the same way. It's mostly right outside when he's approached. When we go to the park, he doesn't really pay people any mind. He constantly fights for that alpha-dog position and while we've gotten him submissive inside our apartment, he still tries.

  2. Oh wow! I want one of those splashpads for the granddaughters and Vlad & Barkly! That looks like an extremely pawesome place!

    1. It was! I would've been totally content bringing a blanket and sleeping on the deck area! It was so cute to see little kids playing with their dogs in the splashpad.

  3. That is one great dog park. We have about 30 dog parks in the Seattle area and even the best ones aren't as set up like that - they are rustically beautiful though.

    Thanks for the shout out about my packing list. I enjoyed seeing yours. I like those Dexas Popware measuring scoops but Chester and Gretel only get 1/3 cup of kibble so even the smallest scoop wouldn't work for us (if I was feeding 1/4 cup I could just fill it half full but.....). I have about 10 of their travel bowls though :)

    1. We have friends in Seattle and are hoping to take a trip out there! I heard it's very dog friendly and beautiful!

      And Dexas bowls are awesome! Perfect for using every last inch of space when packing!

  4. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm a little biased, but I think I had some pretty awesome subjects ;)


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