Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That'll Move the Chains!

So I'm officially the worst blogger ever.  I have totally neglected the boys' little space on the internets.  My in-real-life career has kept me a little preoccupied, so something had to take a backseat.  Unfortunately, it ended up being something that I totally enjoy.  That's always how it works, isn't it?!  Next time I'm going to ignore the stuff I don't enjoy...   Well.  That would probably get me fired, so I'm going to do my best to at least do a blog post on the weekends and continue to do social networking during the week.  I have missed so much in the doggy-bloggy world!

While fall weather hasn't officially made its debut yet, football has!  Crisp breezes and crunchy leaves aren't far behind!  We are from Eastern PA and dutifully rep the Eagles (gawhead, bring on the hate).  I'm pretty sure when we adopted Coop, the woman from the rescue almost didn't let him go because I had an Eagles plate on my car (picked him up in the heart of Ravens country).  I was so proud of myself for staying up for the entire game last night (that powernap I took after work definitely helped).  The boys have their regulation jerseys (both home and away colors, natch).

Pep squad in their away jerseys.  Peppy indeed.
Look at this adorbsies throwback (2007) of Griswold when we first got him.  This is the hubs's favorite.

Dat face!  Probably around 10 weeks old or so. 
As already discussed, football brings fall weather and equally important cheese-slathered tailgate food and beer!  Why shouldn't man's best friend be included in the machismo celebration?!  Here are my fantasy picks:

1.  3x3 Synthetic Turf with Drainage Holes  --  Go ahead and laugh, but when we went to the dream dog park, that Astroturf was amazing.  Crazy soft, wash clean, and NO MUD!  This is great if you're like us and are confined to apartment leaving but may need a spot on your balcony to dedicate to your dog.  Check out this DIY!
For the next three picks I'm being a snob and just putting pictures of my team.  Check out NFLshop and your team's website for similar items.
8.  Referee Dog Toy (I've also seen "flags" at the dollar store, which are a totally fun dog toy when monitored)

We are also loyal customers of Hot Dog Collars for sports gear!

Before we got Griswold, we went buckwild at PetSmart and bought one of those loofa toys with a football (and I totally sewed a Cowboys star on the helmet because I knew he would rip it apart eventually).  Griswold picked off that football and it became his favorite toy.  He loved to catch it.

It was a sad day when we finally threw it in the trash.  I mended that thing I don't know how many times until it was a nub.  I decided last night that it was time for me to make Griswold a new one.

It's a quick little pattern that takes less than a quarter to do.

Golden Receiver Mini Football


Small amount of brown and white worsted weight yarn
Size F Crochet Hook
Large Eye Blunt Needle to weave in any ends

Instructions are in U.S. crochet terminology.
ch - Chain
sc - Single crochet
sc2tog - Single crochet 2 together, decrease
sl - Slipstitch
fo - Fasten off

Using brown yarn, magic ring. Ch 1.  3 sc in ring. Sl to ch. Ch 1.
sc 2 in each sc.  (6sc) sl to ch. Ch 1.
*1 sc. sc 2 in next st* Repeat to ch st (9 sc).  sl to beg. ch. Ch 1.
*2 sc.  Sc 2 in next st* Repeat to ch st (12 sc). Change to white yarn (I didn't fo brown yarn.  You will pick it up again next round.  sl to beg. ch.  Ch 1.
*3 sc. Sc 2 in next st* Repeat to ch st (15 sc).  Change back to brown yarn (again, I left the white yarn go to pick back up later). sl to beg. ch.  Ch 1.
*4 sc. Sc 2 in next st* Repeat to ch st (18 sc).  Sl to beg. ch.  Ch 1.
Sc in each sc.  Sl to beg. ch.  Ch 1 (Repeat 6 more times) (18 sc) Change to white yarn. Ch 1.
*3 sc. 1 sc2tog*  Repeat to ch st.  Sl.  (15 sc) Switch back to brown.  Ch 1.
*2 sc. 1 sc2tog*  Repeat to ch st.  Sl. (12 sc) Ch 1.  Stuff with PolyFil
*1 sc. 1 sc2tog* Repeat to ch st. Sl. (9 sc) Ch 1.
sc2tog until football is closed.  Fo. Weave in end.
Add white lacing if desired. (*Note, if you're really anal about one end not being as nice as the other, you could do two separate magic ring pieces and join in the middle.  I... Don't have time for that.)

Toss to your reliable wide receiver.

Hope you guys had a great week one!  Do you dress your dogs up to watch the game (and scare them with your cheers/jeers)?  It's good juju. ;)

P.S. While I feel I perhaps shouldn't address this in assumption, I have this gut feeling that I'm going to have some haters on here about Michael Vick.  Believe me, when the Eagles acquired him, I was almost in tears and screaming at SportsCenter like they made some sort of horrible reporting error (mind you, this had nothing to do with athletic ability).  However, if there's any good to come out of a terrible situation, it's demonstrated how asinine breed discrimination is.  So please save your breath and comments and use that energy for something positive like backing pit bull projects and breed education.  Thanks.  Much love.  Here's a pic of Gris and Coop giving Michael Vick his karma.


  1. It's amazing how time consuming blogging can be! I stay at home, so I'm able to make it my job kind of. If I had a job somewhere else, I'd definitely be even more behind!

  2. Blogging is a 24/7 job.........I am also at home and STILL don't have enough time for it. Especially having two blogs.


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