Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime!

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it?! I've come to the realization that quality blogging is a full-time endeavor or for people that are crazy organized.  I'm obviously not one of those people.  But, I can taste the end of the school year and that means I'll have some opportunies to get myself together and spend time with my boobaloos; I'm hoping my biggest concern will be how many episodes of Orange is the New Black I can fit in before I change from day pajamas into night pajamas #teamdontcare.  

The hubs is back home, so I'm happy to have my p.i.c back.  This summer we plan (or at least I plan and hopefully he goes for it) to spend quality time together.  That has me thinking about some of the activities we can partake in with the boys, since we obviously love having them with us at all times possible.  Time to break out the Doggles! Here's my Hot Dog Bucket List (see what I did there? Since it's summer and it's hot...and we're talking about dogs... No? Okay.)

Go out on a boat or sightseeing tour
Go geocaching (hoping to create some new trackables)
Go for ice cream (Dumser's is dog-friendly. Also, some shaved ice flavors are safe for dogs in small amounts)
Have a brewski (Just went to TallTales for the first time and they just opened a beautiful outdoor patio that is dog friendly)
Go to the beach
Go to a Bark at the Park
Teach a new trick
Go to a drive-in (if we can find one!)

I think that's a good place to start.  Of course binge-watching goes without saying.  

Also, I wanted to mention that Griswold donated two of the photos he took with his collar cam to the Worcester County Developmental Center for their "Art for Friends Sake" silent auction and was able to raise some money for this wonderful agency!  They recently launched a soap making business that should be available for purchase online soon.  But take it from me, they smell amazing! They are glycerine-based, so that means low foam (which I like because they rinse clean).  I'll see what I can do about having them branch out into the pet world ;)

What kind of summer activities do you have planned for your pooch? Did I miss any activity that's on your list?

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